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I've taken a liking to Chrome. I've found it to be fast, efficient, and convenient. I used to like Firefox a lot, but it's taken a backseat to Chrome. I avoid using Internet Exploder whenever possible, because of the security issues and bugs it's infamous for, and because of past bad experiences. I also don't like Safari, but for a pettier reason: I think it's unattractive. :P
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One of my favorite image-themed communities is [ profile] ourbedrooms. It looks like most of the posts aren't public, but if you join, you'll see some tours of awesomely decorated bedrooms, dorm rooms, and apartments. I really envy these people's interior design skills and ability to make full use of cramped spaces!

My favorite icon community is [ profile] iconomicon. Here is the latest post of quirky icons, which I should definitely search through. A lot of my icons have come from that community.
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Dogs, actually. They're fun, energetic, versatile, and with the more outdoorsy breeds, durable enough for camping and hikes. Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE a dog, and have daydreamed for years about the kinds I want, but right now, I don't have a dog of my own. When I began apartment living on my own, I chose a cat for my companionship needs, because I had done some research and heard that they're less of a hassle for apartment-dwellers to own and find new apartments with than dogs (despite the fact that in some areas, landlords have ridiculous declawing rules). With a dog, you might need a yard, and there is a lot of breedism on the part of landlords, despite the fact that some of the better apartment dogs are also the bigger and more feared kinds.

I like cats, too. They've turned out to be very affectionate, in my experience. My cat has turned out to be a valuable companion. But I still think about getting a dog when things are more financially stable or we have a bigger place. Types I would consider: mixed breed, pit bull (I refuse to give into breedism!), Portuguese water dog, Australian cattle dog, German shepherd.
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Drawing and painting. I fell out of practice though, so most of the types who are into art have gotten better at it.
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It really depends. Often, I think men look best clean-shaven, but some men can also look good with tastefully shaped, neatly trimmed facial hair, like a goatee or small 'stache. But I get really turned off by big beards, whether they're bushy or look like the scraggly Rip Van Winkle kind. Hmm, I guess I'd be out of luck if I was Amish; I'd be put off by any potential husband's beard!
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As a friend of mine said recently, a relationship is a choice. That's pretty much what I believe. There's also the theory out there that there are soulmates, "twin flames" destined to be together someday from the moment of birth; but I'm not sure how much I buy that--because what if your soulmate dies or is on the other side of the planet? Also, I believe that you can have multiple people compatible with you.
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Cool autumn weather, like what is going on right now. I also like it when it's snowing softly and lightly and not too freezing out. I also enjoy rain.
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Oh, it's been so long since I played truth or dare. Normally I would pick truth. Telling the truth usually isn't too excruciating, especially about fairly innocent things like "Who do you have a crush on?" With a dare, however, what if I was forced to, say, eat a slug or put my hand down the garbage disposal? One day when I was about 12, I was playing truth or dare with the girl who lived across the street, in her yard. Another neighborhood girl joined us. I chose a dare, and my friend told me to go kiss the front tire of her bike. So I did without thinking. Then she, her dad, and the other girl laughed at me, and she said, "I ran through poop on those!"

I'll turn the question around on you--ever done anything crazy on a dare?
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We are on a bullying kick with the questions. The meanest movie bull(ies) that I've seen are the group of menacing boys who hound the main character in the Swedish film Let The Right One In, also in the American remake Let Me In (which was filmed right here in NM; but the Swedish version is way better). The physically abusive tactics, which involve weapons, get more and more disturbing as the movie goes on, and a confrontation at the end is especially chilling. Moral of the story: Don't bully a kid who's friends with a vampire.

I recently saw the movie Dreamcatcher, and early in the movie is a bullying scene that is downright disturbing.

The movie bullies in A Christmas Story, on the other hand, are a lot funnier.
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Yay, now I can answer all these questions without having to do art for each one!

Often when I look at myself all I see is a mess of things that *should* be different. But one thing I would not change is my exceptional long-term memory. Or my writing skills.
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Yes, but under the following circumstances: the person is for real, the love is for real and mutual, and I can afford to move.
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Because we need happy stuff at the moment...

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I usually don't want to get rid of presents, but if I do, I just give them away or donate.
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Licorice. God, it tastes so nasty!! I can't even stand the SMELL. I will not eat onions unless they're powdered or chopped up so fine you can barely detect the texture. Raw tomatoes are disgustingly slimy and sour. Pickles smell sickening and look gloppy; I've never been able to put one in my mouth. Cucumbers smell too strange to eat, and I don't like them "tainting" other food. I won't eat yogurt unless it's frozen and has an ice-cream-like consistency and is sweetened. The gloppy Dannon stuff is so gross. I do not eat pudding because that, too, is too gloppy. I also could never bring myself to eat insects, balut, lutefisk, natto, haggis, or that Sardinian cheese full of larvae and intestine-burrowing bugs that jump out at you.

I'm sure there are ones I'm forgetting... I'm one of the pickiest eaters in the world (yay sensory issues)...
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Listen to music! And avoid a bathroom break if possible.
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It really depends on the person, the situation, how long or serious the relationship was, and how bad the breakup was. Obviously, it's much easier to get over someone you dated for a week than a divorce after years of marriage (unless that summer boyfriend of a week was someone who moved you more deeply than anyone else). And then there's another variable: it's much more painful when you were madly in love only for the other person to suddenly, cruelly cut you off and elope with your best friend, than if you had both been unhappy and wanting to get out for some time and then break up amicably and stay friends. I remember hearing a general rule that it takes about half the time you were dating to recover from a broken heart, but there are so many other variables that it can't be true in all cases.

In general, I think it's best to wait a little while and take the time to right yourself again before jumping back into dating. I've heard that rebound relationships tend to not be a good thing, maybe because people bring more emotional baggage into them or are still too brokenhearted to think straight.
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Who cares? It's their business. As long as they're happy and the age difference doesn't matter to them, then it shouldn't really matter to anyone else. However, if a person marries a 90-year-old oil baron who's worth billions, then I might wonder about their motives. :P


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