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Cool autumn weather, like what is going on right now. I also like it when it's snowing softly and lightly and not too freezing out. I also enjoy rain.

Ugh! Smoke!

Jun. 6th, 2011 10:35 pm
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Smoke in the sky, smoke creeping its way into my apartment giving me a headache! This happened last week and it's happening again... there is a large wildfire in Arizona and the smoke is blowing from there. It looks foggy out there. As I saw someone saying online, it looks like Silent Hill. It's also kind of sad to see that one of my favorite places is on fire and that's why we're being smoked.

EDIT: Up late because I had trouble going to sleep. My sinuses hurt and my throat is scratchy, hopefully it's just the smoke and I'm not coming down with anything because I'm going to travel this week. Breathing is uncomfortable. I'm going to try wearing a mask for a bit, because there's no escape.
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Because of the cold snap in this region and power outages in nearby Texas, northern NM is running low on natural gas. We are being urged to use it sparingly now, and use space heaters and woodstoves instead, and I overheard talk on the city bus that business are closing early to not use up too much heat. I had the heat on last night but it was still a bit hard to sleep because of how cold it was. I don't think my fireplace does a good job of heating the house, but it looks like I'll probably be using it tonight. I will turn the thermostat way down, but I'm afraid the pipes may freeze if I shut it off entirely. No canceled work for me, though. Any tips on handling this situation?
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So over the weekend it was so warm, right? It felt kind of like winter had passed us by. I'm guessing it was probably 50 degrees or so.

But, according to, it is 5 degrees outside right now, with a "feels like" of -18. I doubt it really got above 10 today. It's supposed to snow tonight. I guess that's as good a reason as any to stay in.


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