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Jun. 14th, 2011 10:35 pm
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I got back into NM yesterday evening after having a really good time on my trip. After the day trip to Vancouver on Saturday, we had a more low-key day on Sunday, spending the evening at an art day. I will upload and post pictures from various parts of the trip, including exploring downtown Seattle and the aquarium, soon (I am still backlogged on my Utah pictures because my life has just been crazy). Unfortunately, there was a lot of smoke when I got back in, but the smoke seems to be almost completely cleared today. I'm already trying to figure out where to go next! My friend wants to go on a road trip to Denver. I've been to Denver enough that I had the crazy idea of buying spur-of-the-moment plane tickets to Portland or someplace, just to see something new; but I probably need to curb my spending.
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On Saturday evening, my friend Michael came to visit me. The Santa Fe photo shoot didn't happen, and here's why (but I could always do one on a break from work). On Sunday we decided to go on a day trip to the town of Taos, which is north of here, and eat at an Italian restaurant we like. I don't go to Taos often, and I understand it's also known for its shops and galleries. And then, on the spur of the moment, we decided to go up to the Colorado border. And then we decided to keep going, all the way to Alamosa. We didn't get to stay long, because we had to go back home, but we both took several mountain pictures! Yesterday was such a fun day, and it cheered me up.

Taos pictures, in and near the plaza. )

Rio Grande Gorge )

Mountain landscapes in southern Colorado )
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My international travel map is not impressive (at least not yet), so I'll post...

the visited states map )
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There are places I want to see but have never had the chance. It depends on if I ever have the time or money or a willing travel partner. Places to see on my to-do list, in order of priority, not so much how likely it is to happen:

Alaska. I'd probably only get to see a small part of it during a trip there though, since you can't easily tour the whole state. So that part must be chosen wisely.

Western Canada--British Columbia, and Alberta. Been on my to-see list since I was a freshman in high school.

New England--Vermont and/or New Hampshire. My dad went there a couple of times, since his mother grew up in New Hampshire and is buried there, and we have some relatives in Maine. I wasn't able to go during those times. I've heard good things about Vermont in particular.

Boston. This one has been on my to-see list since I was a teenager.

Also I should go to Europe sometime before I die, to make sure I'm well-traveled. I'd be interested to see Germany and/or Switzerland, and Prague. But I don't want to go there by myself, and I'd probably need to have a ton of money for that!
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Here is a much-put-off backlog of photos from my adventures in August, September, and recently!

August: Fort Collins )

Kitty pics thrown in! )

September: Hike at the Dripping Springs trail near Las Cruces )

Many more to come, stay tuned!


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