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Originally posted by [ profile] pyraxis at Spacerobot Studio
The fine folk of the Spacerobot Crew are holding the grand opening of their etsy store!

Spacerobot Studio business card image. - Celebrating Neurodiversity, Creativity and Alternative Communication. Status necklaces, Neurodiversity Pride jewelry, shrinky dinks, and more!

Celebrating Neurodiversity, Creativity and Alternative Communication. Status necklaces, Neurodiversity Pride jewelry, shrinky dinks, and more!

You can also follow them on Twitter under SpacerobotStudio.

Check it out. [ profile] jimnightmare and [ profile] yonjuunana have been developing and testing some of this stuff for years as an alternative communication method for themselves: signal cards on a necklace to say whether they're up for being approached and talking, and how much energy they have for people-interaction.

For autistic people or others who have difficulty getting the message across through words or body language, these tools are really helpful. Thanks to the Spacerobots, they're cool to look at as well.

They've also been developing a line of steampunk-inspired jewelry and neurodiversity pride pendants.

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It really depends. Often, I think men look best clean-shaven, but some men can also look good with tastefully shaped, neatly trimmed facial hair, like a goatee or small 'stache. But I get really turned off by big beards, whether they're bushy or look like the scraggly Rip Van Winkle kind. Hmm, I guess I'd be out of luck if I was Amish; I'd be put off by any potential husband's beard!
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Oh, it's been so long since I played truth or dare. Normally I would pick truth. Telling the truth usually isn't too excruciating, especially about fairly innocent things like "Who do you have a crush on?" With a dare, however, what if I was forced to, say, eat a slug or put my hand down the garbage disposal? One day when I was about 12, I was playing truth or dare with the girl who lived across the street, in her yard. Another neighborhood girl joined us. I chose a dare, and my friend told me to go kiss the front tire of her bike. So I did without thinking. Then she, her dad, and the other girl laughed at me, and she said, "I ran through poop on those!"

I'll turn the question around on you--ever done anything crazy on a dare?
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So the world's supposed to end tomorrow at roughly 6 p.m. (in what time zone?) and the non-crackpots of the world will be doomed.

I suspect that after 6 p.m. rolls around tomorrow, the prophets will enter the "oh crap, better think of a new doomsday date" stage.
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I usually don't want to get rid of presents, but if I do, I just give them away or donate.


Jan. 31st, 2011 11:55 pm
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Ugh... I tried to go to bed hours ago because I was exhausted, but I have insomnia. :( I have some sort of brain defect where my mind starts racing with all kinds of ideas and thoughts as soon as I go to bed, and it keeps me up.

Which led me to this poll idea, based on the true story upon which 127 Hours is based (I remember when that made the news back in '03, too). It got me wondering what most people would do if their hand was caught under an 800-pound boulder.

EDIT: I deleted the poll here and made it over at [ profile] polloftheday to get a wider sample.
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Right now I'm reading a book called Good Grief by Lolly Winston. It's a pretty good book about a woman who is widowed and how she goes through the stages of grief. It sounds like a sob story, but it's actually pretty funny (and it manages to do that without being tasteless).

Then I read a passage where the main character fantasizes about moving to Santa Fe, and she talks about lying under a palm tree in the yard of a stucco house. She got the stucco right, but the palm tree could have been avoided with a little research. Santa Fe is not like Phoenix. It is 7,000 feet above sea level, and snow-capped peaks dominate the horizon. Knowing this, one could infer that palm trees are unlikely to grow here. Pinon and juniper trees, yes, and the closest thing you'll find to a palm tree is a yucca plant. It doesn't surprise me that New Mexico is commonly assumed to look either like L.A. or southern Arizona, since many people in this country don't even know it's a state of the union. But if I'll be writing about a place I haven't been to, I at least do Google searches and image searches to get an idea of the climate, what it looks like, and what grows there. I don't want the locals to laugh at me for writing something like:

"They walked along the streets in downtown Toronto, where many fancy little shops were at every turn. Not far off, waves caressed the sandy beach of Lake Ontario as tropical breezes made the palm fronds gently wave. Seagulls flew overhead as tanned tourists waxed their surfboards. All of a sudden, a coconut fell on Ted's skull, knocking him unconscious."


"In Atlanta, Peachtree Avenue was barely accessible, as it was a harsh winter. It was passable only by dogsled in the darkness of a winter where the sun never rose above the frozen white horizon. Atlanta rested well within the Arctic Circle, along the same latitude as Barrow, Alaska. Polar bears had to be chased off the runways of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport by unlucky parka-clad tarmac workers who often got eaten by the hungry beasts. Tragically, the melting of ice in the nearby Arctic Ocean threatened the tundra supporting Atlanta and its very infrastructure."
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Listen to music! And avoid a bathroom break if possible.
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Do you ever see videos that have music that is just so hilariously wrong for the subject matter? Recently on my Facebook page, someone posted that picture of mechanically separated chicken that looks just like strawberry ice cream. So then I got curious and looked up mechanical separation to learn more about it. At present, I don't eat meat and try to limit other animal products, even though they're not completely cut out like they once were. Seeing "meat smoothies" squirting out of machines made me desire it less. ;)

I can't get over the choice of snazzy elevator music for this mechanical separation video (a deboning video has the same music). I don't know what music goes with meat processing machines, but that's not it. It almost seems to me like, say, an autopsy video with dance music in the background. Someone commented, "Does that music play on the factory floor? If so, sign me up for your meat factory!"

Behind a cut because it's gross, probably especially so to veg*ns )

Brought to you by me and imaginary people, one a vegan and one a meat-eater. (Guess who!)


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