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We are on a bullying kick with the questions. The meanest movie bull(ies) that I've seen are the group of menacing boys who hound the main character in the Swedish film Let The Right One In, also in the American remake Let Me In (which was filmed right here in NM; but the Swedish version is way better). The physically abusive tactics, which involve weapons, get more and more disturbing as the movie goes on, and a confrontation at the end is especially chilling. Moral of the story: Don't bully a kid who's friends with a vampire.

I recently saw the movie Dreamcatcher, and early in the movie is a bullying scene that is downright disturbing.

The movie bullies in A Christmas Story, on the other hand, are a lot funnier.


Jan. 31st, 2011 11:55 pm
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Ugh... I tried to go to bed hours ago because I was exhausted, but I have insomnia. :( I have some sort of brain defect where my mind starts racing with all kinds of ideas and thoughts as soon as I go to bed, and it keeps me up.

Which led me to this poll idea, based on the true story upon which 127 Hours is based (I remember when that made the news back in '03, too). It got me wondering what most people would do if their hand was caught under an 800-pound boulder.

EDIT: I deleted the poll here and made it over at [ profile] polloftheday to get a wider sample.
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day 13: your favorite quote
Oh, shit. I knew this question would come up. I don't have a favorite quote. I'll often see quotes I like, but when I'm asked what my favorite quote is, my database of quotes suddenly becomes inaccessible.

I can tell you, however, my favorite movie quote, from Forgetting Sarah Marshall: "When life gives you lemons, you say 'fuck the lemons' and bail!" Not that I always agree with it, but it's funny, anyway.

What are YOUR favorite quotes, people?
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I think I've said this once before... do people's parents no longer teach them to be quiet in a movie theater, except for typical reactions like laughter at a comedy, and whispering something necessary in someone's ear? Tonight I went to see Paranormal Activity 2, and it was basically ruined for me because the other people in the theater whispered, talked at normal volumes, and giggled uncontrollably throughout the movie. I have heard that laughing is just the way some people respond to being scared, but enough teenagers were laughing that it was annoying as hell. Not to mention the people near me who kept talking loudly and saying, "That's fucked up!" when something scary happened. The movie would have been so much creepier without all the noise. I wanted to ask the normal-volume talkers, at least, to shut up, but people are so weird and unpredictable that they might have assaulted me in the parking lot after the movie was over. Next time I want to watch a scary movie, I'll just get it on Netflix!


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