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I don't want to read Dilbert anymore, since it has come to my attention this morning that the creator of the comic strip has made multiple blog posts that are offensive to women. One of the posts was later deleted this spring after a major feminist outcry, but I went looking for the other after one of my Facebook friends posted a "rape is not natural" petition, to be sure things weren't taken out of context.

The original post that sparked the petition. Using Twitter in a lewd manner or not having marriages work out is one thing. Rape is another; there's no excuse for it.

Blog discussion on a deleted Scott Adams post stating that women not making equal pay is not worth arguing about, among other things.
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What is the name of the technique where it looks like stockinette stitch on both sides (I think) and creates a pouch with two sides? I've forgotten what it's called and how to do it, so links would help. Would this be a good technique for making a potholder?

I don't know what this is all about... I lose interest in knitting/crocheting for a long time, and now all of a sudden I'm losing sleep obsessing about things I want to make.

EDIT: Actually, I want to make these Star Trek potholders! AWESOME! And I'll finally learn how to do the technique where you make an image in the yarn.


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