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I got a call today from the veterinarian. Lazlo recently had some bloodwork done because he still has bathroom problems and is a bit too thin, not gaining weight. It seems that his pancreas is inflamed, probably chronically, and that would explain his problems. That poor cat. One organ goes bad after another (though his pancreas may have been bad the whole time I've had him). The veterinarian recommended, to start with, a trial of prednisone. That drug has horrible side effects for humans and dogs, but isn't as hard on cats, supposedly (I hope!) I'm going to try pills in Pill Pockets (flavored treat linings to trick cats into eating pills), and if that doesn't work, smashing them up and putting them in his food. I may not be able to pick them up tomorrow partly because of the snow, but I will try to get them by Saturday. I sure hope they help, and don't do something terrible, because let's face it, living with his bathroom problems is getting old, not to mention gross, and his thinness is worrisome.
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Here is a much-put-off backlog of photos from my adventures in August, September, and recently!

August: Fort Collins )

Kitty pics thrown in! )

September: Hike at the Dripping Springs trail near Las Cruces )

Many more to come, stay tuned!


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