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Licorice. God, it tastes so nasty!! I can't even stand the SMELL. I will not eat onions unless they're powdered or chopped up so fine you can barely detect the texture. Raw tomatoes are disgustingly slimy and sour. Pickles smell sickening and look gloppy; I've never been able to put one in my mouth. Cucumbers smell too strange to eat, and I don't like them "tainting" other food. I won't eat yogurt unless it's frozen and has an ice-cream-like consistency and is sweetened. The gloppy Dannon stuff is so gross. I do not eat pudding because that, too, is too gloppy. I also could never bring myself to eat insects, balut, lutefisk, natto, haggis, or that Sardinian cheese full of larvae and intestine-burrowing bugs that jump out at you.

I'm sure there are ones I'm forgetting... I'm one of the pickiest eaters in the world (yay sensory issues)...
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Was going to do Gratitude Friday, but then I had some weird pain in my hand/wrist that has since gone away... so I'll do it today.

1. New Vietnamese place right in front of my house that serves vegetarian pho (I got some today and filled it with pepper seeds and rooster sauce, and it might feed me for a couple of days).
2. Today I had trouble getting started, so I went on a ride into the mountains to see the bright yellow aspens before the leaves fall off. I took a little walk too.
3. Planning to do crafts and/or writing this afternoon.
4. I made some sort of root vegetable medley from a recipe in Mother Earth magazine, and it turned out good and there are still leftovers.
5. My writer's block has finally lifted!
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Do you ever see videos that have music that is just so hilariously wrong for the subject matter? Recently on my Facebook page, someone posted that picture of mechanically separated chicken that looks just like strawberry ice cream. So then I got curious and looked up mechanical separation to learn more about it. At present, I don't eat meat and try to limit other animal products, even though they're not completely cut out like they once were. Seeing "meat smoothies" squirting out of machines made me desire it less. ;)

I can't get over the choice of snazzy elevator music for this mechanical separation video (a deboning video has the same music). I don't know what music goes with meat processing machines, but that's not it. It almost seems to me like, say, an autopsy video with dance music in the background. Someone commented, "Does that music play on the factory floor? If so, sign me up for your meat factory!"

Behind a cut because it's gross, probably especially so to veg*ns )

Brought to you by me and imaginary people, one a vegan and one a meat-eater. (Guess who!)


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