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I'm feeling kind of discouraged about Fair Isle knitting. I started my second hat with this type of knitting, and I read online that you should have a lot of slack in the strands of yarn at the back of the work so it won't get puckered up like an accordion. I try to be extra-careful about it by spreading out the stitches on the needle before switching colors, but my first hat came out rather puckered, and I'm scared that this hat is turning out the same way. Anyone got tips for me? Or is some slight puckering inevitable? Does it help to hold the first stitch of a new color with your finger after you knit it so it doesn't tighten up on its own (I'm trying this and it *might* be helping)?

I also read online that this is easiest for people who knit the more common way, holding the yarn in their right hand. I hold it in my left hand. Maybe that's somehow screwing me. But I'm still determined to get this hat! And I felt a bit better to see some slight puckering in the adult-sized hat in the pictures. But I'm a perfectionist...
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I'm sorting through my yarn stash... I have so much random yarn. I have a lot of Lion Brand yarn, which I'll probably make into another afghan or something in the far future, and several smaller random balls of trim, wool hand-dyed with Kool-Aid or other substances, sparkly yarn, cotton, and other odds and ends.

I'm trying to figure out what to do with it. Several possibilities come to mind: coffee cozies, condom cozies, pad/tampon/menstrual cup pouches, cat toys, pouches for cell phones or Nintendo DSes, wristbands, etc.

And then what to do with all that stuff? Make a bunch of condom cozies and donate them to some AIDS organization? Reactivate my Etsy account, where I only managed to sell one thing (thanks [ profile] sistahraven!), and sell stuff there? Or should I have a giveaway here? If I were to offer an assortment of small funky things, how many of you would be interested? (I would screen comments if I made a giveaway entry because of the more "private" items.)
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What is the name of the technique where it looks like stockinette stitch on both sides (I think) and creates a pouch with two sides? I've forgotten what it's called and how to do it, so links would help. Would this be a good technique for making a potholder?

I don't know what this is all about... I lose interest in knitting/crocheting for a long time, and now all of a sudden I'm losing sleep obsessing about things I want to make.

EDIT: Actually, I want to make these Star Trek potholders! AWESOME! And I'll finally learn how to do the technique where you make an image in the yarn.
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I had forgotten how relaxing it is to sit in a coffeeshop and knit!
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Was going to do Gratitude Friday, but then I had some weird pain in my hand/wrist that has since gone away... so I'll do it today.

1. New Vietnamese place right in front of my house that serves vegetarian pho (I got some today and filled it with pepper seeds and rooster sauce, and it might feed me for a couple of days).
2. Today I had trouble getting started, so I went on a ride into the mountains to see the bright yellow aspens before the leaves fall off. I took a little walk too.
3. Planning to do crafts and/or writing this afternoon.
4. I made some sort of root vegetable medley from a recipe in Mother Earth magazine, and it turned out good and there are still leftovers.
5. My writer's block has finally lifted!


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