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It really depends on the person, the situation, how long or serious the relationship was, and how bad the breakup was. Obviously, it's much easier to get over someone you dated for a week than a divorce after years of marriage (unless that summer boyfriend of a week was someone who moved you more deeply than anyone else). And then there's another variable: it's much more painful when you were madly in love only for the other person to suddenly, cruelly cut you off and elope with your best friend, than if you had both been unhappy and wanting to get out for some time and then break up amicably and stay friends. I remember hearing a general rule that it takes about half the time you were dating to recover from a broken heart, but there are so many other variables that it can't be true in all cases.

In general, I think it's best to wait a little while and take the time to right yourself again before jumping back into dating. I've heard that rebound relationships tend to not be a good thing, maybe because people bring more emotional baggage into them or are still too brokenhearted to think straight.
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Who cares? It's their business. As long as they're happy and the age difference doesn't matter to them, then it shouldn't really matter to anyone else. However, if a person marries a 90-year-old oil baron who's worth billions, then I might wonder about their motives. :P


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