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I've taken a liking to Chrome. I've found it to be fast, efficient, and convenient. I used to like Firefox a lot, but it's taken a backseat to Chrome. I avoid using Internet Exploder whenever possible, because of the security issues and bugs it's infamous for, and because of past bad experiences. I also don't like Safari, but for a pettier reason: I think it's unattractive. :P
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Made it through the day at work... just barely. Had been trying to cut down on doctored-up coffee (the only way I can drink it), but ended up drinking too much today because I was so tired, probably from having been sick. Now I am TIRED. Even taking a bath took a lot of effort. Just vegging now.

Computer-savvy people: lately the fan in my Lenovo ThinkPad R-series has been sounding strange sometimes. It does appear to be working, because I can feel air coming out and the computer itself doesn't feel too hot, but sometimes the fan gets really loud and sounds off-balance or something. Should I look into getting a replacement? Would rather not risk it going bad. Once the fan got clogged with cat hair and stopped working without my realizing it, and it did a number on the hard drive.


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