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One of my favorite image-themed communities is [ profile] ourbedrooms. It looks like most of the posts aren't public, but if you join, you'll see some tours of awesomely decorated bedrooms, dorm rooms, and apartments. I really envy these people's interior design skills and ability to make full use of cramped spaces!

My favorite icon community is [ profile] iconomicon. Here is the latest post of quirky icons, which I should definitely search through. A lot of my icons have come from that community.
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I'm sorting through my yarn stash... I have so much random yarn. I have a lot of Lion Brand yarn, which I'll probably make into another afghan or something in the far future, and several smaller random balls of trim, wool hand-dyed with Kool-Aid or other substances, sparkly yarn, cotton, and other odds and ends.

I'm trying to figure out what to do with it. Several possibilities come to mind: coffee cozies, condom cozies, pad/tampon/menstrual cup pouches, cat toys, pouches for cell phones or Nintendo DSes, wristbands, etc.

And then what to do with all that stuff? Make a bunch of condom cozies and donate them to some AIDS organization? Reactivate my Etsy account, where I only managed to sell one thing (thanks [ profile] sistahraven!), and sell stuff there? Or should I have a giveaway here? If I were to offer an assortment of small funky things, how many of you would be interested? (I would screen comments if I made a giveaway entry because of the more "private" items.)


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