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Yay, now I can answer all these questions without having to do art for each one!

Often when I look at myself all I see is a mess of things that *should* be different. But one thing I would not change is my exceptional long-term memory. Or my writing skills.
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Yes, but under the following circumstances: the person is for real, the love is for real and mutual, and I can afford to move.
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I don't want to read Dilbert anymore, since it has come to my attention this morning that the creator of the comic strip has made multiple blog posts that are offensive to women. One of the posts was later deleted this spring after a major feminist outcry, but I went looking for the other after one of my Facebook friends posted a "rape is not natural" petition, to be sure things weren't taken out of context.

The original post that sparked the petition. Using Twitter in a lewd manner or not having marriages work out is one thing. Rape is another; there's no excuse for it.

Blog discussion on a deleted Scott Adams post stating that women not making equal pay is not worth arguing about, among other things.

Back in NM

Jun. 14th, 2011 10:35 pm
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I got back into NM yesterday evening after having a really good time on my trip. After the day trip to Vancouver on Saturday, we had a more low-key day on Sunday, spending the evening at an art day. I will upload and post pictures from various parts of the trip, including exploring downtown Seattle and the aquarium, soon (I am still backlogged on my Utah pictures because my life has just been crazy). Unfortunately, there was a lot of smoke when I got back in, but the smoke seems to be almost completely cleared today. I'm already trying to figure out where to go next! My friend wants to go on a road trip to Denver. I've been to Denver enough that I had the crazy idea of buying spur-of-the-moment plane tickets to Portland or someplace, just to see something new; but I probably need to curb my spending.

Ugh! Smoke!

Jun. 6th, 2011 10:35 pm
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Smoke in the sky, smoke creeping its way into my apartment giving me a headache! This happened last week and it's happening again... there is a large wildfire in Arizona and the smoke is blowing from there. It looks foggy out there. As I saw someone saying online, it looks like Silent Hill. It's also kind of sad to see that one of my favorite places is on fire and that's why we're being smoked.

EDIT: Up late because I had trouble going to sleep. My sinuses hurt and my throat is scratchy, hopefully it's just the smoke and I'm not coming down with anything because I'm going to travel this week. Breathing is uncomfortable. I'm going to try wearing a mask for a bit, because there's no escape.
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So the world's supposed to end tomorrow at roughly 6 p.m. (in what time zone?) and the non-crackpots of the world will be doomed.

I suspect that after 6 p.m. rolls around tomorrow, the prophets will enter the "oh crap, better think of a new doomsday date" stage.
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This might seriously be my favorite song now... it's from PJ Harvey's new album. It's just haunting. The ending is slightly annoying with its line lifted from "Summertime Blues," but the rest of the song is awesome. I got the album Let England Shake for only $5 on Amazon mp3 and it's really helping me get through the day. I love it!

The Words That Maketh Murder: Video slightly NSFW )
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I'm sorting through my yarn stash... I have so much random yarn. I have a lot of Lion Brand yarn, which I'll probably make into another afghan or something in the far future, and several smaller random balls of trim, wool hand-dyed with Kool-Aid or other substances, sparkly yarn, cotton, and other odds and ends.

I'm trying to figure out what to do with it. Several possibilities come to mind: coffee cozies, condom cozies, pad/tampon/menstrual cup pouches, cat toys, pouches for cell phones or Nintendo DSes, wristbands, etc.

And then what to do with all that stuff? Make a bunch of condom cozies and donate them to some AIDS organization? Reactivate my Etsy account, where I only managed to sell one thing (thanks [ profile] sistahraven!), and sell stuff there? Or should I have a giveaway here? If I were to offer an assortment of small funky things, how many of you would be interested? (I would screen comments if I made a giveaway entry because of the more "private" items.)
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On Saturday evening, my friend Michael came to visit me. The Santa Fe photo shoot didn't happen, and here's why (but I could always do one on a break from work). On Sunday we decided to go on a day trip to the town of Taos, which is north of here, and eat at an Italian restaurant we like. I don't go to Taos often, and I understand it's also known for its shops and galleries. And then, on the spur of the moment, we decided to go up to the Colorado border. And then we decided to keep going, all the way to Alamosa. We didn't get to stay long, because we had to go back home, but we both took several mountain pictures! Yesterday was such a fun day, and it cheered me up.

Taos pictures, in and near the plaza. )

Rio Grande Gorge )

Mountain landscapes in southern Colorado )
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Here is the manatee comic I finished a few weeks ago--remember that I said I'd try turning funny stories into comics? I just got around to scanning it today--sorry if the top looks a little shadowy. Cut for vomiting. Tell me what you think.

Comic under cut--click on comic to view full size )
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Because we need happy stuff at the moment...

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My international travel map is not impressive (at least not yet), so I'll post...

the visited states map )
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HEY KIDS! Have you tried the all-new INSOMNIA, complete with Tiredness Action?

Wow! *zing*

All the kids are trying it! The all-new INSOMNIA can be yours today! Just call this 1-800 number and order your free trial today!

Void where prohibited. Call for additional details. Not responsible for failure to read the fine print.
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What is the name of the technique where it looks like stockinette stitch on both sides (I think) and creates a pouch with two sides? I've forgotten what it's called and how to do it, so links would help. Would this be a good technique for making a potholder?

I don't know what this is all about... I lose interest in knitting/crocheting for a long time, and now all of a sudden I'm losing sleep obsessing about things I want to make.

EDIT: Actually, I want to make these Star Trek potholders! AWESOME! And I'll finally learn how to do the technique where you make an image in the yarn.
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I had forgotten how relaxing it is to sit in a coffeeshop and knit!
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I usually don't want to get rid of presents, but if I do, I just give them away or donate.

Music meme

Feb. 5th, 2011 10:27 am
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Silly music meme. )
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Because of the cold snap in this region and power outages in nearby Texas, northern NM is running low on natural gas. We are being urged to use it sparingly now, and use space heaters and woodstoves instead, and I overheard talk on the city bus that business are closing early to not use up too much heat. I had the heat on last night but it was still a bit hard to sleep because of how cold it was. I don't think my fireplace does a good job of heating the house, but it looks like I'll probably be using it tonight. I will turn the thermostat way down, but I'm afraid the pipes may freeze if I shut it off entirely. No canceled work for me, though. Any tips on handling this situation?
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So over the weekend it was so warm, right? It felt kind of like winter had passed us by. I'm guessing it was probably 50 degrees or so.

But, according to, it is 5 degrees outside right now, with a "feels like" of -18. I doubt it really got above 10 today. It's supposed to snow tonight. I guess that's as good a reason as any to stay in.


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