Jul. 29th, 2011

latenightparty: (Family Guy)
I'm feeling kind of discouraged about Fair Isle knitting. I started my second hat with this type of knitting, and I read online that you should have a lot of slack in the strands of yarn at the back of the work so it won't get puckered up like an accordion. I try to be extra-careful about it by spreading out the stitches on the needle before switching colors, but my first hat came out rather puckered, and I'm scared that this hat is turning out the same way. Anyone got tips for me? Or is some slight puckering inevitable? Does it help to hold the first stitch of a new color with your finger after you knit it so it doesn't tighten up on its own (I'm trying this and it *might* be helping)?

I also read online that this is easiest for people who knit the more common way, holding the yarn in their right hand. I hold it in my left hand. Maybe that's somehow screwing me. But I'm still determined to get this hat! And I felt a bit better to see some slight puckering in the adult-sized hat in the pictures. But I'm a perfectionist...


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